Does caulking hardie board void the warranty

  • Costa Caulking is proud to offer a 10 Year Warranty on all residential recaulking services and materials provided by our company. Just another way to show you we stand behind the quality of our work. Call for details.
James Hardie provides a 1 year limited product warranty for HardiePanel used as skirting on a mobile home. ... but we recommend HardieBacker 1/4" cement board for floor applications, unless 1/2" thickness is needed for transition. ... Even though you may go over vinyl composite tile, James Hardie does not recommend you install HardieBacker ...

This Technical Bulletin is an explanation supporting the announcement made by James Hardie on September 8th, 2008 withdrawing its recommendation on the use of caulk at field butt joints for HardiePlank® lap siding. [12] Hardiplank James Hardie warranty claims information:Tel: (866) 375-8603, Email: [email protected]

May 07, 2019 · Most fiber cement can be repainted, but paint can often void vinyl’s warranty. And dark paints can absorb heat, causing vinyl to warp.) Cleaning— With both fiber cement or vinyl, you will simply need to clean your siding once a year to remove dirt, mold, or algae buildup.
  • Or big question is how to fix the concrete fiber cement panels. Client wants to use a simple hardie panel because its the cheapest panel out there in white, but this detail will void the warranty. Does anyone know a panel maker that has installation details for 4" or more of CI? And, does it come in white?!
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  • Longevity: Most hardie board siding comes with a 50-year, limited transferable warranty. This siding is completely rot and insect resistant and can even handle salt spray from the ocean. Appearance: Hardie board siding can be made to mimic just about any other siding material, including wood lap boards, cedar shingles, and wood shake siding ...

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    Caulks, Sealants & Caulking Tools Caulking Tools Patching & Repair Fillers & Putty Spackling & Patching Compounds ...

    I was just on and they offer a cmt fiber cement blade for the ts55 and the ts75, but at the bottom it says that it voids Festools Warranty. Why does it void the warranty? Also what are the cut results and dust collection with the fiber cement blade? I have a freud cement blade on my circular saw and it works great just messy.

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    I've installed a lot of Hardie board including stucco sheets. I gap the butt joints 1/16th in with felt behind the gap. I caulk the joint with a good elastic caulk and finish with two coats of Duration. I have one job that is 8 years old and (I stopped by and asked) there are no problems what so ever. The customer is very happy.

    However, hardie board requires painting and re-caulking every five to ten years to prevent deterioration. Cost There is no doubt about it, the advantages of hardie board come with a cost.

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    Also, incorrect installation may void your warranty. Does TYPAR BuildingWrap have an ICBO number? An inspector has asked my installer for one, but we can’t seem to locate it. TYPAR does not use ICBO numbers anymore. The ICC has combined all the old numbers under one new system. The new ICC number for BuildingWrap is ICC ESR-1404.

    If it was just plain old fiber board/hard board siding, yes. I recommend caulking joints etc. There some other specific concerns with the myriad of products out there ...

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    James Hardie does manufacture ... Caulk lower panel decorative band board water-resistive ... AND VOID THE PRODUCT ONLY WARRANTY. BEFORE INSTALLATION, CONFIRM THAT ...

    Apr 17, 2009 · Using hardy board would be unusual. For the hardy board install dig a trench about 3 inches deep and make up a "F" channel from two pieces of 1"x1" angle tacked about every two feet to set the bottom of the siding in. at the top I would have "U" clips made of at least 14 Gage sheet metal with 3" legs and a 5/8" channel width about 2 inches wide.

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    If it was just plain old fiber board/hard board siding, yes. I recommend caulking joints etc. There some other specific concerns with the myriad of products out there ...

    Jun 13, 2008 · hardie planks warranty is based on certified installers who've been trained by hardie. without using the proper contractor for the job, the warranty is voided. Likely this is industry standard. Read through fine print of certaineed pdf and you'll probablly find the same stipulation.

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    James Hardie offers a diverse, comprehensive selection of styles and textures for Denver homeowners. We guarantee you'll find a design option you and your family will love. Call today to schedule an on-site consultation regarding James Hardie styles and textures!

    Mar 28, 2011 · The use of thinset under the board is specified by the board manufacturer as a condition or warranty and is not there to bond the board to the wood subfloor. The nails or screws perform that function. The thinset is needed to fill voids and undulations between the wood and the board thus eliminating spots of nonsupport under the board.

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    Check caulking around home windows, doors and gutters. Frequently, this is exactly where you will discover peeling and damaged paint. Gutters that aren’t hung properly will require to be adjusted or replaced. Ice dams can occasionally trigger paint to peel and caulk to split free. Scrape the effected locations and re-caulk as needed.

    Apparently no one here read the technical bulletin #9 that James Hardie released in 2008. Hardie no longer recommends the caulking of any joint in their lap siding (colorplus or primed). Deterioration of the caulking in the joint has become a maintenance issue for home owners over time. Joint flashing is recommended for all hardie lap siding now.

Caulking Tips for Fiber Cement Siding - James Hardie Caulking around windows, doors, eaves and trim edges gives added insurance that leaks will not occur. When James Hardie siding products butt into wood-based materials, a 1/8" gap will allow for expansion and contraction of the wood-based product.
Apr 03, 2020 · Also, do you prefer Hardie over the other types of fiber cement board? Is the 6″ a nicer look or the 8″? We also need to have new windows installed and are trying to decide which type (aluminum clad, vinyl, etc.) brand to get.
local building codes, and void James Hardie’s product warranty. 4. ®Make sure your information is up to date. When specifying or installing James Hardie products, ensure that you have the current technical information and guides. If in doubt, or you need more information, visit or Ask James Hardie™ on 13 11 03.
Mar 27, 2019 · Siding finished in the factory usually has a 15-year warranty. It's easy to care for. Simply clean the exterior with a hose once or twice a year, keep plants trimmed away from the foundation and check the caulked joints every two or three years and re-caulk if necessary. The Good and Bad